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December 22, 2012



I too was very happy with the film, and also was concerned that they would take such a brief book and possibly somehow bend it all out of shape in the name of commerce. But it was great-- and I was also surprised with the direction they went with the dwarves. Best of all, my son may be the only one of my children who will actually read these books, and I think he liked the film quite a bit.

Jack Horner

Just found your blog, I'm liking it.

I'd be interested on you doing a meditation on Radagast, I to was not sure what to think of him.

From a positive spin, They did a great job of accentuating that he was Maiar, and had different concerns than would a man. (A tip toward Tom Bombadil?) Although, I could have happily dispensed with the bird poop.

Also a note on pipeweed = pot, I think that's less "Frodo lives" and more Peter Jackson's personal proclivities.

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